Anonymous asked:

Soren bears no resemblance to Pierre, unfortunately :( I see Lach in her but not him :( .. i'd love to see her recent pics.. ^^

Soren definitely doesn’t look too much like Pierre, except for the cheeks, of course. I unfortunately don’t have any recent picture of her. I’ll let you know if I get some…

pink-astronaut asked:

Its silly that people dont want Lachelle to drink cuz she has kids. Being a parent doesn't automatically make you lame & boring. you can still go out & have some fun. you dont have to be with your kids 24/7, if you did you would go bat shit insane. Me & my fiance have a 10 month old son & we have gone to the bars a few times. we even went to mardi gras. Parents need a brake away from kids. I bet the people who disapprove are not parents. so they have no idea what they are talking about

I think exactly the same! It’s good gear that from a fan who’s a mother as well! Thanks! :)

151830 asked:

People talking about Lachelle's drinks... D U D E!!! Wtf!! Pierre drinks a lot too. I think they are so happy together cause of that too ya know? Pierre loves to party hard and she does too! What an awesome match!! I just love the way she drinks and photos of both drunk lol it's way too funny ! Let them be happy! Get your own beer and let's all be happy! XD

THIS! Grab your wine bottle and party with friends and lovers!

xoklsxox asked:

I'm sorry lol but I'm currently laughing about the whole alcohol thing. I totally agree with you. Lachelle can drink if she wants to she's a grown women who's of legal age and I'm sure if she's drinking she's not breast feeding she could always switch to formula or use the pump so she can drink. Either way it's non of our business. The ones complaining about it are prob a bunch of teenage girls who are under 21 and jealous they can't drink yet lol.

LMAO, love your comment! Well, maybe it’s just a bunch of teens, indeed, who never breast feed in their lives or never talked about it with anyone… I think people should know that moms are aware of how alcohol can affect their babies and they do their best not to affect them in bad ways…

Anonymous asked:

Okay, I'm sorry, I just feel kinda bad about it.. it's true Pierre has much more fun with alcohol and stuff but he doesn't need to give his 'breast milk' to his children (kinda distorted).. it's just my opinion I accept that you disagree.. okay.. it's true she can do whatever she wants... of course I'll leave her alone.. it's her life, her decision .. :)

I think she wouldn’t drink when breast feeding, tbh. As far as I know she didn’t and always she was always talking about how important it is to breast feed in public locations. Soren is over a year now, I don’t know how long she beasts feed so, making assumptions like this is really bad…

Anonymous asked:

okay, that's and I've read it here already about Lach's boozing. I know she doesn't do that in front of her children, but even that... it's unacceptable to see a mother that breast-feeds even NOW (or she stopped, okay, but even in that time there were some pics of her crinking alcohol)... i find it really unattractive and two-faced...just my opinion

OMG, leave the woman alone. She does whatever she wants with her body, whenever she wants! Woman can drink and get drunk. Society is shitty and I hate that people judge women just because they drink, go out and have fun. No one complains about Pierre over here, just about her. He is just a parent as she is, and he drinks a lot more than she does. She never hide she likes drink, in 2007 she was always wrote “Peace, love and champagne” in her MySpace journals. I know it’s your opinion, I really don’t agree…